Friday, October 06, 2006

Sports: A's Win!!!

Going to the ALCS! Should be a blast. This could be the year! Such a cool team.


Arjun Parikh said...

How come you like Oakland if you like the Red Sox? Your not supposed to like your favorite teams rival.

Rajiv Parikh said...

Good point Arjun. Over the 9 years I've been in the Bay Area, I've grown to like the A's. They are a great young team. Billy Beane and Ken Macha have done an amazing job. Anyone who likes studying management has to like them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Arjun. You can't be a Red Sox fan AND an A's fan. There is only so much emotional baggage you can have if are a true member of Red Sox nation. Should be nothing left in the tank for the A's!
Mary with a "t"

Rajiv Parikh said...

Great to see you post in my blog, Marty!

My Red Sox emotions were spent a bit before Wells was let go. Still my favorites, but it's cool to have a scrappy team like the A's around.

I still take Arjun to the local sports bar to watch the Pats!

Jay said...

Being a life long Twins Fan and an anti- A's/Bosox fan, this UNH alum belives Mary and Raju are "so-so" roomates.

Good Luck next year A's!


Rajiv Parikh said...

Jay, Great to see you found me. We have been slacker roommates since UNH. Should get together for fun on the boat with MFat and others again. Still remember those long treks to Kingsbury, Elvis and NY.