Monday, October 30, 2006

Patriots: Win

Yeah baby! Another blowout Patriots performance. Beat the Viks 31-7. The Pats totally threw the Vikings off their game with tons of passing and a swarming defense. When Bollinger replaced Johnson at QB, he was sacked all three downs, losing 20 yards. Ridiculous!

The great part is after the victory, there was little celebration on the Pats side. Belichick was already looking towards the Colts. Same with Brady. They talked about mistakes they made in offense. That's right - after 372 passing yards.

This is what makes a great team. Always being ready for the next challenge. Never get too high or too low. Always looking to learn and improve.

Just let the fans celebrate!


Arjun Parikh said...

It was really funny when the back-up QB got sacked 3 times in a row

Anonymous said...
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