Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Comedy Site:

Today marks the beginning of a new era... when robots take control over the world of comedy...

OK, so I'm not as funny as Sandeep, the man behind the robot.

Wouldn't you like to get your comedy fix every day? It's just like what has happened with music, now we can see and laugh at material that we truly enjoy. There will be a new clip every day, with a huge archive of material. Fans can rate and comment, even communicate with their favorite comedians. Moreover, there will be sketch comedy, improv, and maybe even a few shows.

This new site opens a new world for up and coming comedians. EffinFunny is what you'd expect - edgy comedy that makes you think. The comedians are hand-selected and filmed at the Empty Stage in LA. Then the material is edited down to its sharpest material. This site will redefine comedy by giving great opportunity to high quality comedians by giving their material great exposure. There will be profile pages and schedules where you can see them live.

And yes, my crew at Position2 had a lot to do with this. We conceptualized it with the creator, put the pieces together and even got one of our clients to sponsor the site. Next we'll help spread the word. The name is a hit...the site will be even better. Call us to learn more.

Right now, the site is in beta so we're still testing and fixing a number of items. The clips work, the functionality will get there quickly. So be a little patient and give some constructive criticism. Click on the ads, too.

Check it out at

Ok, if you don't it there, try

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