Monday, November 06, 2006

Please Vote

As many of you know I have strong views on just about everything. I love a good rigorous debate on just about any issue. Whether we are on the same side or not, one thing I'd encourage you to do is get out there and vote.

It is your right. It was fought for by our Founding Fathers. It is what our soldiers do for us every day. It is your responsibility. You do not have the right to complain about what your government is doing or not doing for you and your country unless you lend your voice.

In California where there is a plethora of initiatives, your vote can have tremendous impact - whether it is on access to abortions, funding for infrastructure or taxes on oil and cigarettes. You can sit back and say it is all too confusing or you can do some research and make a decision.

Please don't make a call based on a TV ad. Most of them are appealing to base fears or are distortions. Read what the legislative analyst wrote. Read both sides on the web. Check up on a few newspaper sites (San Jose Mercury or San Francisco Chronicle). It may take a couple hours, but it is your money and your children's money. Make sure it is spent on things you care about.

Also, if its too much of a hassle to remember to visit your polling booth on Election Day, then become a permanent absentee. You can sit there in your own living room, fill it out and mail it in. If you don't get around to it fast enough, you can still deliver it to your polling place.

No excuses - just vote.