Monday, April 07, 2008

Position2 Invited to Google AdWords Advisory Council

We are pleased to announce that Position2 has been invited to join the Google AdWords Advisory Council. Our top PPC specialists have been working with the Google AdWords optimization staff on beta testing new techniques, so we appreciate the opportunity to work further.

The reason our name is Position2 is because we focus on client ROI vs. the highest position. This is not ROI on clicks or lead, but in many cases on actual sales closes. This recognition is a validation of our approach.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

200 Mile Relay - Sponsor Me for India Literacy

Dear Friends & Family,

On April 18-20, I plan on running The Relay (, a 200 mile marathon relay to raise money for the India Literacy Project. This run goes from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. It crosses 36 cities including the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. Like a marathon, I plan on running about 24 miles for my team of 12 (we plan for people to have "issues"), however this one occurs over 30 hour period over real hills at all hours of the day.

I'll get the running done. I need your help with the fundraising part. The India Literacy Project ( is committed to putting children in school and out of manual labor. That means there are millions of children that are locked in a cycle of exploitation & poverty. Many have no choice but to work to support their families. The ILP takes a regional approach to establishing/strengthening schools, child care centers and libraries to get children out of the workforce and into schools. An important part of this is working closely with the community to build a culture of education. The results are impressive. A project in Ajmer, Rajesthan took 1000 children in 22 villages and got them out of the labor force and into school. This one program cost a modest $5,500 in 2007. ILP is incredibly efficient with admin costs less than 5%.

Please help make my run the difference maker. There are 2 ways to give. One is to write a check out to the India Literacy Project and send it to me (3910 Duncan Place, Palo Alto CA). The other is to make a donation online (see below). Either way, please let me know (need trash talk fodder for the van ride).

Thank you so much for your support!


Here are the instructions for an online donation:

1. Visit

2. Click on "Donate Now" button

3. Enter Amount to Donate

4. Under "Designation (Optional)" Form Field, Type "ILP Relay Team"

5. Under "Dedication (Optional)" Form Field, Enter "Rajiv Parikh" (for tracking)

6. Enter email address and login

7. Once logged in, provide required credit card information to complete the donation

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WebGuild Blog about Google Sale Performics

It was great to hear that Google decided to sell Performics, an SEM agency. Check out my quote. If ever there was a violation of the "Do not evil" mantra of Google, it would have been maintaining ownership of the firm. Google would have had a hard time telling people that no one has a special advantage in winning on organic and paid search rankings while owning an SEM firm.

On top of that, it would have disrupted relationships with firms that help grow advertiser search engine ad spend. It would have been like an automaker owning a large dealer group - not good.

Smart move Google!