Saturday, July 02, 2005

Potential New Beginnings

Today was a day I was hoping for... The offers are starting to come forth. A good friend of mine asked me to partner with him to join his startup. It's a really cool concept - one that is inherently logical. It is a cash flow type of business that can offer justifiable returns for investors. There no tech uncertainty, it's more like real estate that a new tech company. I'm excited by it as I can jump into more of a proven concept and really help grow it into a great company. Most of all it gives me options.

It demonstrates the value of the start-up experience: the concept, the fundraising, the uncertainty of growth options and the excitement of building from an early stage. I can use the time to enrich my mind and soul as well as devote more energy to the kids. This is something I definitely know how to do. Most importantly, I would work with someone I respect and share common values with.