Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Last Day to Vote - Get Out There Florida!

I've been a political junkie for a long time.  This year, I decided to do something about it beyond writing or donating.  I had some free time after selling Brand Monitor, so I decided to spend a week in Florida, knocking on doors, urging Obama supporters to vote.  I write this as I get ready for the last day of pounding the pavement - from 7 AM to whenever polls truly close.  I believe that the ground game is going to win Obama the election - and Florida is going to make it an overwhelming one.

I still urge Floridians and voters everywhere - get out there and vote.

I came to Broward County, Ft Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, the land of the hanging chad because I wanted to see it all first hand.  The weather is nice and the people are too.  The shenanigans are real: under-resourced voting locations creating 2-6 hour waits, police ticketing cars of early voters, people not receiving absentee ballots, shutting off early voting days on the Sunday and Monday right before.  This will only serve to motivate more people to get out there.  I've talked to them.  They are resilient.

I want to thank all those folks who were friendly enough to answer my questions.  Some of you even invited me into your homes, gave me a bottle of water and let me use your restroom.  The door slams were few and far between.  The visceral anger was limited as well - though there was some.  I understand.  I will be a little friendlier to those who come to my door.  It's a lot of work.  I really appreciate the amazing stories - like the Haitian woman who was proud to wait in line to cast her vote because in her country she had to fear for her life for this action.

The Obama volunteers and staff were great.  I met a lot of young kids who are incredibly dedicated - from 7 AM to 1 AM almost every day.  I enjoyed every day with you.

My feet ache but I'm going for a long day myself.  That smile will be back in the next hour.

This time, I agree with Nate Silver's graph:

The ground game along with all the air cover works.  That's the first time Florida turned blue.  More tonight... Yeah, and don't forget to vote!