Sunday, June 14, 2009

Position2 - New Logo, New Site, New Solutions

On Monday June 15, we will be releasing the new Position2 logo, site and solution set. We've been working hard on our technology development and will release a new suite of products based on our Surround and Intent Marketing methodology. These offerings grouped as Online Brand Solutions, Customer Acquisition Solutions and Technology Solutions.

Thanks to our current clients who helped us get to this point. Thanks to the Position2 team for burning the midnight oil to put all this together while taking good care of our clients.

From Brand Defender to Performance Leads to our Autobid Engine, our suite of products will encompass everything a marketer needs to enable continuous growth in a flat economy. Our offerings are data driven and encompass best-in-class technology developed through real life customer experience. Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, media planning & buying, creative and technology are all ingredients to these customer focused solutions. They are baked in together rather than separate activities.

So this Monday, feel free to let us know what you think.



Friday, June 12, 2009

Preview - Lyris Social Media Marketing Webinar: CPR for Email Marketing

This Wednesday, June 17th, I will be speaking at a Lyris sponsored webinar: Social Media Marketing: CPR for Email Marketers in a Challenging Economy. For all those interested in viewing the webinar, I thought I'd give you a preview of the talk. We will focus on the integration of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) in a flat economy. Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive customer acquisition, however there's been a significant impact by increased mailbox sizes, spam filters and the explosion of messaging. We will go beyond the typical examples of how Twitter or a Facebook app can drive people to your site. Rather, the discussion will center around the phenomena of social networks, the rapidly expanding usage, and how email and social media can work together. No, social media will not replace email. With all the different types of messaging, email usage keeps increasing. And it works... how many newsletters do you subscribe to?

There will be specific steps, guidance and case examples of this integration in 4 areas: brand building, customer acquisition, customer retention and product launches. The idea is to demonstrate how business of all sizes can achieve continuous growth using both as a means of building and enhancing customer relationships. As customers delay decision cycles, it enhances the brand to surround them with your messaging wherever they goWe will not just discuss the big brands, rather how any business can use this cost effectively to get ahead of their competition. At Position2, we enjoy sharing some of the techniques we've seen and integrated into our solutions.

Erick Mott of Lyris will discuss how the Lyris uses social media to enhance their email marketing efforts. He gives an excellent behind-the-scenes look on how Lyris got this webinar to have the largest registration size ever. Let's just say in the thousands. Any company would be happy with that result.

Karen McNaughton of In-Touch Survey Systems will describe how her company uses the Lyris platform to manage her email and social media efforts. It's pretty interesting on how it comes together.

We'll take questions as well, so feel free to ask away. As long as you don't ask about how Twitter and Facebook will monetize their efforts, we are happy to answer :). Our objective is to show you how your company can deal with challenging times and dramatically improve their email marketing with SMM to achieve continuous growth. So sign up - the hour will be well worth it.