Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Big Deals for Position2

This week was one of our best weeks ever. We added 4 new clients in PPC and SEO as well as a significant web design and development project for an existing client. This is all because of the ROI our existing clients are seeing with us.

Most notably, one is a major Fortune 100 Insurance and Financial Services company to be their exclusive provider of PPC management services.

We are on a roll!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BizWise Interview

Today I did an interview for a BizWise, a Cisco sponsored segment for small and mid-sized businesses. The show will be on outsourcing. My section was on how even start-ups can begin in a multinational sense. When it comes out, I'll put in a link.

The cool part is that we were able to highlight Position2's unique business model and approach. We are a living example of what Michael Copeland of Business 2.0 (one of the interviewers) call the micro-multinational trend in offshoring. At 50 people, we're not that micro, but great to be part of a new trend.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday's 60 Minutes

On April 1, 60 Minutes had a segment on government at it's worst - the passing of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. This was a 1000 page bill passed during the dead of the night written by the pharmaceutical lobby. The worst thing about this bill is that Medicare does not have the right to negotiate with drug companies. Drugs like Zocor costs 10x more through Medicare than through the Veterans Administration. Then many of those who worked on the bill got hired for substantial salaries by the pharma industry.

Hey, I'm OK with the pharmaceutical lobby having a fair chance to innovate and profit, but this is a disgusting use of industry money to bilk the taxpayer. Republicans should be embarrassed. A real Republican is for free competition and lower government costs, not for bilking the taxpayer and increasing our debt.

This is definitely no April Fool's.