Monday, October 16, 2006

Position2: MIT Open Courseware Project

Nothing gets me more excited than to announce our latest client, the MIT OpenCourseWare Project (OCW). We are providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Link Building to improve visibility to the over 1400 courses that are part of this project. Our team is especially proud to do this work because students and educators can get free access to super high quality MIT course material.

Already, as a result of Position2's work, MIT OCW has received more clicks in 1 day than they had in the previous month. Even critical works like this need to be marketed to the world. People need to know you exist when they search for your topic.


In 1999, MIT Provost Robert A. Brown asked a committee of MIT faculty, students, and administrators to provide strategic guidance on how MIT should position itself in the distance/e-learning environment. The resulting recommendation -- the idea of MIT OCW -- is in line with MIT's mission (to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century) and is true to MIT's values of excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Now over 5 years from conception the MIT OCW has grown into a large-scale, Web-based publication of the educational materials from the MIT faculty's courses. MIT OCW provides users with open access to the syllabi, lecture notes, course calendars, problem sets and solutions, exams, reading lists, even a selection of video lectures, from 1400 MIT courses representing 34 departments and all five of MIT's schools. The initiative will include materials from 1800 courses by the year 2008.

OCW Accolades....

"Students need to know about this," says Kunle Adejumo, a student at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria. "I couldn't find the information I needed (for a metallurgical engineering course), so I went to OCW.

"Your OpenCourseWare is an amazing and remarkable step! I am currently a student of computer science at BRAC University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I find it very much useful to learn about my courses. I have always had a dream to study at MIT, since I came to know about the institution, its unique teaching methods, but for many reasons I am not able to do so. This initiative gives me the opportunity to self-teach myself. At least I can reach what MIT teaches to their students. I feel better to access your course materials, to enrich my knowledge. To be truthful, I cannot find words to explain how I feel! Kind of unexplainable feeling, like the feeling one feels when someone falls in love!" - Maruf Muqtadir, student in Bangladesh

"OpenCourseWare expresses in an immediate and far-reaching way MIT's goal of advancing education around the world. Through MIT OCW, educators and students everywhere can benefit from the academic activities of our faculty and join a global learning community in which knowledge and ideas are shared openly and freely for the benefit of all." - Susan Hockfield, President of MIT

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About Position2

Position2 is a leading provider of search engine marketing services, serving clients around the globe. The VC-backed company improves lead generation, customer acquisition and brand visibility through pay per click advertising management (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and web analytics. With operations in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, Position2 offers a full service, performance-driven approach to agencies and a diverse array of growing companies. Position2 was formed in 2005 and is funded by Erasmic Venture Fund, an innovative US/India VC fund. For more information on Position2, please go to


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