Thursday, October 12, 2006

A's: Tough Losses, Great Games

Last night I went to the second ALCS game. This time, with my friend, Andy. The A's losses over the past 2 days have been tough. It's no fun to be down 2 games. However, I was encouraged by quite a few things:

- The team had many many opportunities to turn it around. It was not like they were completely shut out at any point.
- The bullpen was largely able to hold the Tigers - only 1 run given up outside of starting pitching.
- Great pitchers in Haren and Harden coming up.
- Every hitter but Thomas and Swisher are getting hits. If those 2 start up, the whole thing turns.

The crowd was electric last night. It was almost as if we willed Kendell, Kotsay and Bradley onto base. No one gave up. It was incredible.

We can take this to 7...

This is all about heart. Are you guided by the moment or the past? After the 2004 Red Sox, I'm convinced nothing is over.

The pics were shot by Andy Drexler using his professional grade Canon from our seat up in Sec 209. Incredible zoom on Loiza and George - a fixture at the park.

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