Saturday, September 09, 2006

Successful Red Sox Prospects Traded Away

A lot of folks have been fretting aloud about Theo's trades of Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez for Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett. Both have done incredibly well over in Florida. Sanchez with the no hitter and Ramirez with 44+ steals (see this search result and this Providence Journal article). There are two reasons why those folks should cool down. Beckett has had a hard time in Boston this season, but Lowell has been a real winner. Beckett is a young known winner who will find a way to adjust. Lowell has had an excellent season offensively and defensively.

You have to remember, Boston is a hothouse. There's tremendous pressure to perform. You can't avoid the scrutiny over every move. Plus, the NL is like AAAA ball. The top teams just can't match up against the AL. Players who leave Boston tend to do well because fans are more forgiving. There's less attention. In baseball you need to focus on the moment and forget the world around you. Boston media and fans do not allow that to happen. Neither does New York. Look at how Renteria has done in Atlanta, Lowe in LA, and Payton in Oakland. Whether you like it or not, pitchers will not do as well in the AL East and only big game hitters do well.

So folks, calm down. Yes, we got hit with a rash of injuries, but Theo's doing well by allowing the system develop a great crop of young players.


Arjun (your son) Parikh said...
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Rajiv Parikh said...

You can see that my critics are everywhere.

LastNightIn said...

Nice to brains blog about brawn.

Although I'm a Yankee fan, i can appreciate a real franchise like Boston's. Good luck next year.

Rajiv Parikh said...

Though I'm definitely not a Yankees fan, you have to respect the management and the team. Jeter is definitely amazing.