Friday, September 22, 2006

Position2: greendimes - end junk mail & plant trees

I have to talk about this new client... Today we signed up greendimes, a business with a significant social benefit. For a dime a day, they will eliminate your junk mail and plant a tree for you every month. That's is, $36 a year - a ridiculous value.

I was one of the 1st customers, not because they were a potential client, but because it was a slam dunk. Get rid of the junk mail nightmare, lower the number of trees chopped, energy consumption and the bonus is to plant a tree. It drives me crazy to have so much junk mail. A lot of times, it overflows out of our mail box. We've actually thrown away real mail - checks and bills.

Pankaj Shah, the founder and super successful entrepreneur, has gotten the attention of the socially conscious Hollywood. Lot's of well known names will become members.

We are running the SEO, PPC and Blog Outreach campaigns. It's fun for us because the value proposition is so strong. There's so much excellent content in this area. I can imagine tons of people signing up with the company. Check out their blog as they are putting together great articles.

I really hope that we can sign up more like this - great businesses with strong societal benefits.

Sign up and give a dime!

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