Monday, September 25, 2006

Personal Finance: Managing Money and Getting Out of Debt

I consider myself lucky to have been raised by parents who were obsessed about saving money and keeping spending low. That allowed me to save a lot early in my career - we used to live on base pay and bank our bonuses. That saved us when I went to HBS and started companies in the Bay Area. I must say that we did rack up a lot of debt. A lot of folks have asked me about strategies we used. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I'll let you read some articles by my friend Brad Stroh, co-founder of - a site that gives practical advice & tools on personal finance (listen to his podcast). If you need a particular service like debt consolidation or refinance, they hook you up with a host of trusted independent firms. They even have this Ask Bill feature where you can ask questions and get personal responses. Brad's passionate about this stuff.

Check these out:

Hone Your Debt Consolidation Savvy -Top 10 situations when debt consolidation is a smart move-

When Second Mortgages Make Sense
- Making the most of home ownership – without betting the farm

6 Steps to Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Level the Playing Field With Collections Agencies for Fair Debt Payment
- What to do when a debt collector calls -

Home Loan Tips: Avoid Mortgage Troubles, Other Pangs of Rising Interest Rates
- outlines 9 tips to prevent problems, avoid foreclosure -

Before ‘Medical Bankruptcy’: Consumer Options Can Salvage Credit

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