Friday, September 22, 2006

Position2: How People See Us

Want to know a little more about Position2? Here are photos of the Position2 management team.

Rajesh Sule
is sitting to the left. He heads Business Development and Marketing. Vinod Nambiar (standing) heads our Global Delivery or Operations group. Super guys - highly experienced execs. They build very loyal teams and are creatively brilliant.

Here is Andreas Ramos who is our Search Engine Marketing expert on PPC and SEO. He comes up with a lot of new ideas for us to build technologies and processes. He and Stephanie wrote the seminal book on Search Engine Marketing: Insider SEO and PPC. He's written a ton of other books as well. Andreas' website and newsletter has a huge following. He writes about anything in an engaging way and is a true Renaissance Man. By the way, he rarely dresses up as he's still a Valley engineer at heart.

Here is Stephanie Cota who is our Analytics and E-Commerce expert. She's an out-of-box thinker who is great with clients. If you buy her book from here, she might even sign it.

Unfortunately, I do not have Soumya Ravi and Rakesh Varma's pictures. They are so busy with Clients (Soumya) and Technology (Rakesh) that neither have time for pictures. Both are stars in their own right and minds :) .

I also do not have a picture for Manju yet. She keeps the trains running on time around the world for the company. Manju is invaluable to us.

Here's me in a suit. This is an unusual thing since now I'm a Silicon Valley guy. It reminds me of my old days in sales at NCR. I'm sure they would have objected to the fact that I didn't have a white shirt :)

I had these shot when I was in India. The price was the same in currency units at a Bangalore professional studio as it was in the US. The only difference was the rupee was 45 to 1. That's right, the cost was about 98% off. Too bad you can't build a startup off of that.

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