Monday, September 11, 2006

Cool Anti Spyware Tool

Nothing is more annoying than after you buy a really fast laptop that it starts to slow down and show an annoying set of popups. Worse, many spyware and adware makers were watching your every move and could steal your credit card info. Years ago I downloaded the freeware of Spyware S&D. Just yesterday I bought MaxSecure's Spyware Detector. After the initial scan, it seemed like my freeware didn't do the job. Moreover S&D had a clunky interface. Many times, I would have to download multiple times and run the scan many times, because it would freeze or have errors. It was painfully slow.

I looked at some other packages, but picked Spyware Detector. It had a lot of awards and good references. Plus, the scan and quarantine was superfast. So I took the plunge and dropped the $30 and removed the 80 or so spyware infections on my PC. I was happy to see my computer's performance pick up again. On top of that, it moved lightning quick through the scan and removal. Now every other day I'm still pickup spyware, but it automatically cleans my machine. It updates itself too. The GUI is real easy as well.

This stuff is worth the money - peace of mind and better performance.

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