Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol Time Sink

Can you imagine that 30 million people will watch 5 hours of American Idol this week? It seems like every advertiser in America has piled on to get in on this 3x weekly Super Bowl.

Now let's do the math: 1.5 minutes/song x 24 songs = 36 minutes of singing.

Wow! 36 minutes of actual content over a 300 minute period. That means 88% of the time we are watching commercials, previews & judge content.

If that's not an example of packaging, I don't know what is.

Hey, did you see how Seacrest dissed Simon Cowell at the end of the guy's show?

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Vidya Varadarajan said...

I actually mute out the non-singing portions and just tune in to the performances. And the judges' comments, of course.

The Ryan-Simon bickering is probably part of the strategy. It's certainly fun to watch!

But it looks like Ryan and Simon have decided to get along this week.