Friday, February 16, 2007

Foulke a Class Act

Today Keith Foulke, the famous Red Sox closer who finished the final game of the 2004 World Series retired today. After the World Series, he never regained his form, having tough injury ridden 2005 & 2006 seasons. Pummelled by the fans and media, especially over the Joe Burger King remark, he never really regained his form on the field or off. Even though he could have stuck around with the Red Sox, he decided to take a 1 year $5 million deal with the Indians. After realizing that his body was not up to snuff, he retired.

He just gave up $5 million. If he had reported to camp, the Indians would have to pay him even if he sat on the bench for the rest of the year. Now that's a class act.

For the millions that pay our players, we expect them to have these incredibly fan friendly attitudes even in the face of tremendous criticism. The same guy that won it all for us one year is then batted around the next. He could have pocketed a ton of cash, yet he frees up the cap so that the Indians could find another player. He decided to hang it up, not only to save his body, but to help his new team.

We won't forget that magical 2004 and all you did for us Keith. Pitching a 0.67 ERA in the 2004 playoffs. Pitching like a rock during the famous turnaround Game 4 against the Yankees. Thanks for the memories Foulkie!

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