Sunday, February 04, 2007

Asthma Post Mumbai Marathon

After coming back from the Mumbai Marathon, I checked my eNO level. It had hit a new high of 49 ppb (learn more about my previous eNO measurement). This was even though I was taking Advair 100/50. That means 2 things: the dose was too low to keep airway inflammation under control, and that my inflammation must have been much higher on previous trips. While my run was slower than usual, I did not necessarily feel any symptoms.

My sneakers told a different story. They went from pure white to as if I ran in a clay field. The amazing part was that the marathon streets were cleaned before the run. The air in India is dusty, but who know that there is that much out there.

During my run today (2 weeks later), it was not particularly easy even though it was a modest 4 miles. Could my lungs still be affected by the particles in the Mumbai air?

Well, let's see how quickly we get the measurement down.

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