Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Selflessness Gone Mad

This is driving me nuts. I don't know how many times great Celtics players like Rondo and Garnett get open shots, but then pass it away. Everyone loves a selfless player, but when you get an open shot 3 feet away from the basket, you take it. When you are on the fast break 1 on 1 and the defender is just standing there, you drive to the hoop. I may not be a basketball genius, but I've been watching the game since 1979.

We have a Big Three, but they are way too unselfish especially at the end of games. When you are a player like Garnett or Pierce, you have to take control. Early in the game, they were going for it, now they are passing it to the covered player. Nothing gets me more than when a tall player does not take a shot within 4 feet of the basket.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very appreciative of getting to watch the Celtics in the playoffs. We've won so many championships that we take things for granted. I remember watching the Bird Celtics winning by 30 one day, then getting blown out the next. No one questioned Bird, McHale, Parish, Ainge, DJ, Tiny or Walton like they do now.

Yeah, it's the 4th quarter and the Celts will probably win, but I want to see "the man" take control.

But hey, play the fundamentals. Take the high percentage shots - you win most of the time.

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