Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Senator Harrasses Patriots

The power of Senators to waste people's time and energy is incredible. As reported in the Boston Globe, Sen. Arlen Specter today spent 3 hours with Matt Walsh to learn - surprise! - that the Patriots taped signals from opposing teams. Already heavily penalized for taping aspects of a videotaped game, apparently the good Senator needed more blood. Commissioner Goodall says there is no new information beyond what is known. Apparently, the recession, energy crisis and trade deficits are not important enough for this elected official. This idiot Senator is wasting government time and resources chasing the football team that beat his state's team.

Luckily, the US system of government was designed to diffuse the power of a single lawmaker to affect change. It is difficult to get a law past committees and 2 houses before getting to the President. Unfortunately, a single Senator can compel people to testify in hearings, even something as dumb as the way a sports league disciplines its teams.


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