Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking the Plunge

In honor of the title of my blog, I've decided to quote every article that has "take the plunge" or a close derivative. Think of this like a drinking game. If you find an article, send it to me and take a shot of Petrone.

First, the definition from

take the plunge Informal
To begin an unfamiliar venture, especially after hesitating: After a three-year engagement, they're finally taking the plunge.

Now the articles:
* The Governor's Mr. Fix-It - NY Times editorial - July 9, 2009
"We don’t know yet whether it was legal, but Gov. David Paterson of New York was right to take the plunge and name a lieutenant governor in an effort to break the increasingly damaging stalemate in Albany."

* Take the plunge at amusement parks - Detroit Free-Press - May 17, 2009
"Beware the Diamondback, the new steel roller coaster at Kings Island that plunges at 80 miles per hour into the Lagoon of Doom." Almost literal.

* Astronomers take virtual plunge into black hole - - April 27, 2009
New word - "spaghettification." That's what happens if you fall in one, seriously.

* Obama sees signs of better Cuba and Venezuela ties - April 19, 2009
"Obama took a plunge into Latin America ... We created a new way of viewing each other and of overcoming our differences by debating them," Lula (Brazilian President) told reporters."

* Despite Challenges, Doctors Take Digital Plunge - - March 25, 2009
Despite these concerns, she (Dr. Fishman) and her partners have decided to take the plunge. "As of May," she says, "we will no longer have paper. If anything is on paper, it will go on computer."

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