Monday, April 27, 2009

Sponsor Rajiv's Run for Literacy

This is my second year running the The Relay, a 199 mile, 12 member team run from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. My cause is literacy, specifically the India Literacy Project. I had such an amazing time last year running 18 miles that I just had to do it again - along with 59 of my running friends. Please help me make a difference.

Why am I doing this?

Beyond being a glutton for punishment, I am volunteering for the India Literacy Project (ILP), an organization that promotes literacy in India. My goal is to raise more than we did last year because the need is greater and impact is tremendous.

Literacy is a powerful tool of personal and community development. If you can take one child and teach them to read and write, you can change their world. That child does not have to live a life of hard labor or be blind to all the amazing books that he or she can read. She can learn on her own, teach her kids and make her life better than her parents. She may even be the next great scientist or entrepreneur.

Look at this ILP sponsored project. ILP is funding a mass scale literacy project touching thousands of children in 225 villages. This will be done for $40k or $200 per village! How often can you have so much leverage to make a big difference? It truly shows how every contribution helps - large or small.

The literacy rate in India is less than 60%. Projects supported by ILP include: educating kids forced into child labor, providing vocational training to unskilled youth and building functional skills for illiterate adults. Over the last eighteen years, ILP has distributed over $1.5 million benefiting 100,000 women & children.

Make a difference
Please join me in helping the India Literacy Project. So drop in that credit card and pour your heart out. When you do, I'll even go out of my way to thank you publicly :).

Click here to sponsor. Scroll down when you reach the page.

And yes, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you!

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