Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Sox Win!!!

Right now there's no better time to be a New England sports fan. The Patriots are dominating, the Celtics are stacked and now the Red Sox come back from behind - to go to the World Series! Today, the whole family was on edge. The game was so close, a nail biter, until the 7th. Ellsbury was a absolute spark plug. The Pedroia gets up to bat and pow! A 2 run homer. I was sitting there with Sanju and Arjun and told them with absolute certainty, "He's gonna get a homer." And Pedroia delivered - a rookie. It just goes to show that experience means nothing - it's what's in your head and heart. The young guys delivered for the Red Sox - Pedroia, Youk, Ellsbury, Papelbon and the unbelievable Beckett. What an amazing team.

It's better that this team came back from being down. They will have something to draw from when the chips are down. It will be the thing that should make them stronger against the Rockies.

Another 4 to 7 games of baseball. Woo hoo!

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