Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Sox Win the World Series!

What an amazing day! Watching the Red Sox sweep the Rockies for the second World Series in 4 years. This team was absolutely fantastic to watch. There was not any of the paranoia of the 2003 where every win was too good to be true. The 2007 was stacked with great veterans and with never-say-die rookies. So glad I got to see future greats like Ellsbury, Pedroia, Youkilis, Matsusaka, Okajima and Papelbon combined with stars like Lowell, Beckett, Schilling, Ramirez and Ortiz. Hell, even Lugo and Drew came through. Francona and Epstein, thanks for putting together and running a dream team that made this season super fun to watch. These are one of those times to treasure, because you may never see your team in the World Series for a long time - much less win in 2 sweeps.

Now, time to get some rest. This stuff takes a lot out of you!

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