Saturday, October 01, 2005

Steve Winwood Rip-Off

My wife and I went to the Steve Winwood concert at the Fillmore in SF. It was disappointing - a bait and switch. While I understand Steve's desire to play his newer stuff, you've got to believe that his fans would want to hear some of his greatest hits, "Gimme Some Lovin'", "Higher Love", "Valerie"... Instead it was a jam session. No...that's right no old stuff. Just some new wave stuff and jam. The featured guy was the very talented sax/flute player. Very little of Steve singing. Hey, it's OK to lend your name to something, but when people see it, they expect some of your old songs. It's not fair to people who pay $50+ per person to simply jam and play obscure music. Advertise under a new group name or say "The X Group featuring Steve Winwood."

Look, he still is an excellent singer. The music was good, but it's not easy to get my wife out with me to go to SF. We still had a decent time, but Winwood ripped us off.

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