Saturday, October 01, 2005

Big Wins

I'd like to take a moment to celebrate some wins for 2 brothers of mine - Sandeep and Pankaj. Sandeep was recently picked up by William Morris to promote his new pilot, "The Good Guys." He was amazingly creative in conceiving a terrific idea in combining Superfriends and The Office. Sandeep then put together an up-and-coming talented group of writers and actors with a professional production team. He did it will a small amount of capital and large amount of heart. I've been able to help somewhat him with money and connections, but he's really put his heart and soul into the effort. Now his agents have their job to do to pitch the team.

Pankaj is another superstar. His creation 4Info is in the press and a leading player in the mobile search revolution. There will be a big announcement soon that will solidify his position as a big Silicon Valley player. I was lucky to have something to do with his growth as an individual, but he really made all of this happen through strong vision and execution.

Aperon continues onward with renewed energy and purpose. Obstacles to growth have disappeared. There's a great future ahead.

Bhairavi was a featured speaker at a prestigious Emerging Entrepreneur Forum. She did an excellent job of portraying her experience and inspiring others to be like her.

Arjun scored his first goal for the Alpine Contenders today. He decided to become more aggressive at practice and on the field. It paid off today. He's playing much more confidently now. It's good for the team as well as he is the only new player.

I'm about to announce my next company. This one will have revenue and strong funding support from day one.

It's a new day...

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