Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Little League

Today our team squeaked through with a hard fought 7-5 victory. It was a hard battle throughout, with many opportunities on both sides. Canaan had some amazing defensive moves to shut us down with bases loaded. My son was thrilled to be on a championship caliber team. I was thrilled to see the kids and parents so happy. At the same time, I felt for the other team. There were not ranked in the top 4, but they came on strong beating the #2 and giving us a run.

It's good that we did not blow them out. Our guys were a sluggish in the middle. They felt their record could sustain that. Well, that didn't happen. Now they know the next game is going to be competitive. They need to be sharp. We are going to have a practice tomorrow to keep them sharp - to work on the fundamentals. It's going to be no nonsense.

Saturday will be the big day. The kids are ready. They know they can win. It's all up to them now...

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