Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Will Come Back

Here's an email I sent to our team on Wed, Nov 26th - many of whom either live or have family or friends in Mumbai...

I was sad to learn today about the coordinated attacks on Mumbai today. After just being there a few days ago, I can only hope that none of our team, friends or family were affected. Please let us know if someone we know has been impacted.

Since a number of people were killed or injured, we will look into how we can help our fellow brothers and sisters. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

India has taken a number of hits over the last year. What amazes me is that no matter what happens, India is unbelievably resilient. The beat may skip for a short time, but then it resumes back on schedule. I remember the previous Mumbai rail bombings. In less than a day the rail system was back up and running. People kept on with their lives. When I went there 2 days later, the streets were teeming with people and Mumbai's normal restless energy. The country kept going without the violence of retribution. We hope the same occurs this time.

In the US, we will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, a day in which friends and families get together to feast and give thanks for all of life's gifts. In the spirit of this day, we will take extra time to remember that with all the challenges and difficulties we encounter, there is more to life. We have each other.

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