Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Position2 Scores with Large Clients

Every firm wants to have a set of large brand names with multiple billions in revenues. It gives everyone a sense that the firm is solid and produces quality services. Well imagine waking up in the morning after running your business for 2 years and knowing that you had the following big names:

Johnson & Johnson
Northwestern Mutual
Cox & Kings

If you are from the US, you've definitely heard of the first 4. Reliance is a multi-billion dollar world wide conglomerate, Convergys, a multi-billion dollar IT services firm and Cox & Kings, a large UK-based India travel operator.

We also have a strong client base of fast growing companies with more added every month.


Jyoti said...

Congratulation's! Its really great to see Position2 grow and so rapidly.. not really surprised though..

When are the stock options coming out? btw :)


Rajiv Parikh said...

The stock options will come back when you rejoin the company :)