Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can't Deny This About Bonds

Tonight Barry Bonds hit his 9th home run of the season and is now only 12 away from Aaron's record. Whether he once took steroids or not, no one can deny he is one of the greatest home run hitters of all time. With all the scrutiny and drug testing, he is hitting .345 at the age of 42 and on a ridiculous home run pace of 60.

Everyone thought that with his last 2 injury-ridden unproductive seasons that it was the effect of the new drug testing program. When the steroids are gone, the production would fall. Well, that has not been the case. Bonds is better than ever.

Say whatever you want, he's a great player. I plan to go to a few this year.


Sandeep said...

i will say this. not even hank aaron plans on attending the record breaking event. say what YOU want, but there's always going to be a stain on his achivement. it's sad. i mean, you're right, he's an amazing hitter but he shot himself in the foot on this one. everyone outside of SF is BOOing him. can you imagine that happening without the steriod implications? no matter how much of an a-hole someone is, people would be cheering him like crazy without the scandal.

Rajiv Parikh said...

We'll see about the stain long term. People are super protective about baseball records. Shawn Merriman gets nailed for steroids, yet still makes the Pro Bowl. Remember the attacks on Hank Aaron and Roger Maris. Look at how Lance was attacked by the world during his record run. If it weren't steroids, folks would have found something else. It is probably BECAUSE of Bonds' attitude that he can continue to play. The criticism would have worn any normal person down. I'm not a huge Giants fan, but I bought tix this season in the hope of seeing Bonds hit a homer.