Thursday, December 14, 2006

effinfunny live!

I'd like you all to check out It a new site started by Sandeep, an improv comedian, director and now entrepreneur over in LA. The site will add a new original clip a day by up-and-coming comedians that were shot with a live studio audience over at The Empty Stage in LA. One of Sandeep's friend, Rich Kuras, finds great comedians and books them. Then the team puts the whole event together and edits the clips.

My team at Position2 put together the site. We worked with Sandeep on the strategy, design, development and marketing. We put together an amazing content management system for the site that is flexible and powerful enough for a new media content and community site. We are operating and running the marketing of the site. I must say that the group did an amazing job.

It started as a brainchild of mine when I was thinking about cool new media projects. Imagine having comedy clips that you can view anytime you want. Sandeep gave life to it by focusing on edgy, intelligent comedy and running the operation. Some of the stuff is over the edge. Other stuff is just really clever. You'll never look at an ATM or your wife the same way. Many times, I find it even funnier the second time - it's that good.

Check it out and leave comments. We want to improve. We wouldn't mind if you click on an interesting ad either :).


Sandeep said...

just a quick word from effinfunny headquarters: everyone should know that position2 put us in the position "2" succeed. get it?

thankfully the content on the site is much funnier than that horrible pun.

rock on P2. EF out.

Rajiv Parikh said...

luckily sandeep does the writing at effinfunny. :)