Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beginning Anew

A month ago, I left my position as an executive in an emerging mobile search startup. The space was really interesting and unproven. These are things I usually enjoy. This time it did not work out. The environment was not a fit for me. The priorities had changed. I had changed as well. I could toil away to get to the magical cliff, but that was not fair to the business or myself. So, I decided to leave.

I'm a lot happier now. I am working with a great group of investors who are helping me build my next business. This one will be something which I can underpromise and overdeliver. It will be a business that generates revenues from day 1. It combines services, technologies and an international focus. I have the opportunity to start something that I can apply my talents to grow. I see so much opportunity as there are so many growing markets.

I cannot wait to talk more about it. Stay tuned for a month from now...

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